EECE 496

496 Projects

The SALT lab is offering the following projects as part of EECE 496 at UBC.

List of Projects

  1. CSS Analysis and Visualization: CSS is a widely used language for describing the presentation semantics of HTML elements on the web. The language has a number of characteristics, such as inheritance and cascading order, which makes maintaining CSS code a challenging task for web developers. As a result, it is common for unused rules to be accumulated over time. Our lab has developed a software tool called CILLA, which is written in Java and is capable of automatically detecting unused CSS code in web applications. The goal of this 496 project is to build a visualization component for the textual output produced by CILLA by linking the detected unused code to the original CSS code so that developers can easily see which parts of the code needs maintenance and cleaning up activities.

  2. Mobile Application Navigation: This project offers an opportunity to explore how web applications running on mobile operating systems such as iOS (on e.g., iPhone, iPad) and Android can be automatically navigated and analyzed for cross-platform compatibility.

  3. Crawljax Plugins: Crawljax is a web crawler (see that can navigate any modern standards-based web application including JavaScript and Ajax-based ones. Crawljax has a plugin-based architecture and there are already many plugins available. This 496 project aims at designing and developing new generic web crawling and analysis plugins.

These projects require strong programming skills. Students are expected to be committed and be able to work relatively independently as far as the implementation steps are concerned. There will be regular meetings to discuss the milestones on a conceptual/design level throughout the project.

If you have other interesting EECE 496 projects in the areas of web and software engineering, send me an email and we can discuss the possibilities.