Most of the software tools resulting from our research projects are open-sourced and many are available on GitHub.

  • Crawljax: A dynamic event-based crawler for JavaScript web applications
  • CILLA: Automated CSS rule analyzer
  • AutoFLox: Automatic fault localizer for JavaScript
  • JSART: JavaScript Assertion-based Regression Tester
  • Mutandis: JavaScript Mutation Testing Tool
  • Vejovis: DOM-Related JavaScript Error Repair Tool
  • Javis: Client-side hidden-web analyzer
  • JSNose: JavaScript Code Smell Detector
  • FeedEx: Feedback-directed exploration of web applications
  • Clematis: Understanding JavaScript Event-based Interactions
  • DOMCovery: Measuring DOM coverage
  • DOMPletion: DOM-Aware JavaScript Code Completion
  • Testilizer: reuses and extends Selenium test suites
  • JSeft: generates function- and event-level test cases for JavaScript
  • ToChal: performs JavaScript hybrid change impact analysis
  • LED: synthesizes Web element locators
  • Confix: generates DOM-based fixtures for JS unit tests